Smoke Alarms

With Spring on the way, time to change your 9volt battery in your smoke alarm. With the legislation for home smoke alarms, its a must to keep informed. Smoke alarms save lives. Please view the current smoke alarm legislation from the Queensland government.

How to maintain your smoke alarms;

Every Month

Test your smoke alarm using the test/hush button and check the batteries with mains power switched off. Clean the alarm by removing dust and insects.

Electrician testing smoke detector

Every three months

Vacuum smoke alarms Spray insect repellent on a cloth and wipe the ceiling around the smoke alarm Test the smoke alarm after cleaning

Clipsal smoke detector in hallway

Every Year

Replace the back-up battery annually. Choose a recurring date that’s easy to remember (birthdays, end/start of daylight saving).

Clipsal flush smoke detector

Every 10 Years

All smoke alarms have a limited service life of 10 years. After that period, the entire smoke alarm unit must be replaced with a new one.